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Friday, February 22, 2013

Why a blog now?

I have been wanting to start a recipe blog for awhile now, to hold all of my recipes in one place.  However, this week at the monthly Richmond Lymphedema Support Group we were discussing what self-management tools have helped us the most in our management of lymphedema.  I was diagnosed almost 9 years ago with Primary Lymphedema and love sharing helpful tidbits with other members.  I had an aha moment that I wanted to create a broader blog, which would encompass all parts of my life, not just the cook in the kitchen.  I now have the time and drive to try my hand at blogging and look forward to sharing insight into my life in Virginia.

 Just a little about my life for now.  I am 47 and married to my wonderful husband Mitch.  We have a full time blended family.  Thomas is 21 and I am so proud that he is serving in the Navy, based in FL.  Shannelle is almost 19 and lives at home attending college.  Brianna is almost 17 and is a Junior in High School.  I use to work for a large insurance company as a Project Manager, until I became permanently disabled almost 9 years ago and had to discontinue working full-time.  I view managing my disability as my full-time job now and try to do most of my time consuming self-management during the day, while my family is at work and school, so I am able to spend time with them when they are home.  I have Primary lymphedema below my neck.  My lymph nodes are damaged and instead of lymph fluid flowing through my lymph nodes, located throughout my body, the fluid pools in my body and has to be manually moved through and out of my body.  More on this later, when I can explain it in more detail.  This condition affects more than 1 million people in some way and the more people that know about it, the more we can education and possible allow others to get treatment sooner than later.  I love to cook and try new recipes.  My husband and I love to cook together, when we have time.  He will complete his MBA in a couple of months and we are looking forward to creating more dishes together.  We have a place at the "Rivah" and love spending time on the water on our boat or at the beach at our place.  I am happiest when I am out in the sun, feeling the sun on my face.  I have 2 dogs and 2 cats and my little babies keep me company during the day with their antics.  I love couponing and bargain shopping.  Finding "freebies or moneymakers", but most of all I love sharing the deals, so others can take advantage of them as well!  I hope you enjoy reading my blog and I am open to any comments or tidbits as I'm learning as a new blogger, so please feel free to comment.  Lisa

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