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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Zaycon Foods Boneless Chicken Review

 My family eats a lot of boneless chicken breast.  I normally purchase it on sale for $1.99 at either Kroger, Martin's, Costco, or Sams; however, once I get it home sometimes it is a gamble as to the quality of the chicken and what I can't see in the package.  Back in the summer I saw a review for Zaycon Foods in a magazine and since I love to save money and buy quality products, I was very interested in checking the company out.   After researching online, I decided to make my first purchase and I bought 40 pounds of boneless, skinless chicken breast for $1.84 lb.  The 40 lb box was $73.60.  I went online to and looked for upcoming events, near where I live and found one about 20 miles away. They deliver to areas several times a year and you can buy fresh chicken in 40 pound boxes.  Once I placed my order and paid online, all I had to do was go pick it up at the scheduled time and place.  They did need to delay it one day, but informed me of the change ahead of time.  I went to a church parking lot and picked up my box. They put a large piece of plastic in the back of my svu and put the box, pictured below in the back for me.  The chicken was cold, from the refridgerated truck and I could tell it had not been frozen.

 When I got home I opened up the box and found a sealed bag.  I cut the bag open and found several bags inside. 

 I pulled the first 2 chicken breasts out one of the bags and was very pleased to see how big the breasts were and how good they looked with minimal fat.  Trimming them and repackaging into meal portion bags went quickly, since there wasn't much to trim away.  In fact, I ended up with less than 2 pounds of fat and skin from the entire box, much less than I would normally end up with from the store brands.

 While we were repackaging the breast, we cut several up and grilled them for dinner and leftovers.  They were delicious.  I am very happy with ease of the transaction, the quality of the chicken breast, and the overall taste.  Each breast was approx. 1 pound and I was able to divide them easily into smaller portion controled servings.  I plan on ordering from them again.  They have other items and I  have already placed myself on the waiting list for bacon and in the spring, plan on placing an order for the 93/7 Ground Beef.  I highly recommend you check them out, if you get the opporunity.

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