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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Changing up my Kinseo Taping for my trunk swelling.

I met with my le therapist about 2 weeks ago and we came up with some ideas to change up where I use Kinseo taping on my trunk area, since I have been having increased swelling, that has become very painful and affecting my daily activities. A couple days ago, we tried putting the anchor on my front and running strips to the back area, ending on my lower back. It would help to have pics, however, we do not have the tape right where we need it, so I don't want to post incorrect pics. We are still playing with what will work the best and I am measuring under my bust, waist, and hips daily to see how well(or not) the position of the Kinseo is affecting my swelling. Also, I keep a daily log on my weight, to keep a handle on swelling changes, which can go up by as much as 10lbs in a day. We were focused on my lower back and forgot to do ghe normal taping on my upper back, until I had a duh moment last night after suffering 2 full days and nights of severe neck pain. Put the upper back Kinseo tape on before bed last night and my neck pain was gone by this morning when I awoke. Last night I also taped a spot on the left front of my stomach, which is another swelling pocket. The pocket looked better this morning and I will continue to monitor. This fluid pouch has been a problem for several years and shows in some of my closer fitted shirts, so will be excited if this helps. I will keep this updated and once I have some success with the position of the Kinseo tape I will post pictures.

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