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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring afternoon in Urbanna, VA

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Spent the afternoon in Urbanna recently and wanted to share some great and so/so places we found while we were walking around, enjoying a beautiful spring day.  Of course I had to take a picture of the water, because how could you not when you see the pretty blue water at the marina in town.  

We ate lunch at The Urbanna Oyster House on Virginia Street(the main drag of this small down).  Notice in the name it is a seafood restaurant and what does my husband order...a chili dog..omg of all things, once they said they had that he was a goner and had to order it.  The owner asked for feedback on the chili dog and my husband told them that it had too many beans to go on a hot dog for him, but it was okay.   I can not say anything about my husband ordering chili dogs at a seafood place because anytime I see claim strips, regardless of the type of restaurant I order them.  So for me I ordered claim strips and fries and they were just so/so.  Our 17 year old ordered Fried oysters and claim strips with fries and her order ended up being smaller than mine, but hers cost more.  We felt we had overpaid for the quality and quantity of our lunches.  Based on other reviews, we will not give this place a second chance.

The real reason for our visit to town, was that we fell in love with Taste of Urbanna last fall and had run out of some of the things we had purchased last fall and needed to restock.  Check out their facebook page, which will show events offered and has a link to their recipe blog.  We love going into the store, because they always have free samples, so you can try before you buy.  My husband's latest find was Wickles, which are spicy pickles.  We also love the Thai Plum Garlic sauce and use it for dipping dumplings or using in stir fries.  We have tried Pecan pie in a jar and omg you could eat it straight from the jar.  The store has furniture as well, which is reasonably priced and not your big box store thrown together stuff.  The pieces are quality made and have a one of the kind look.

We have gone several times to Cross Creek Coffee, across the street from Marshall's Drug store, on Cross Street.  Between last year and this year we have purchased tea, regular coffee, lattes, and a couple of different pastries.  Everything has been wonderful and this place has become a must stop when we come into town.  On this trip we got a Harvest cookie and it was so yummy.  I need to find a copycat recipe for these, because they would be great for a grab on the go breakfast for my family.

Next door to the coffee shop, is a thrift shop, that we cannot recall the name, but it is beside the coffee shop and right next to the road leading down to the marina.  The owner has been there since 1966 and has a wide assortment of things in the house and in the garage that you can look thru.  If you feel like digging you can find some interesting things and she is pretty interesting to talk to as well.

If you continue out of town on Virginia Street about 2 miles, you will see a store on the right called  Something Different Country Store & Deli.  This place is one of those places that once you go once, you will want to go over and over again.  They have smoked brisket and tri tip for you to try and once you do, you will have to order it.  In fact, they let you try whatever you want and seem proud of how they make their food and happy to see you enjoy it.  The more you enjoy, they more they grab something else for you to taste..  We stumbled on this place last year and love the owner and his stories.  Check out the link to see his stories, which are quite entertaining.   We have had the Tri tip, Brisket, and smoked ribs;  servings are large and delicious.  I have had the She-crab soup several times and love it, another must have when we go.  Take home the country sausage with sage, to have for breakfast the next morning.   They have home made ice cream, some of our favorites are White Peach, Cappalottachinomocha, and Buttered Pecan. 

These are just a couple of places in town, it is best to take an afternoon yourself and wander in and out of the places, which have so many different things to offer. 

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